Mike & Sally – Childrey
February 9, 2018

Mr & Mrs Heather

We had to sell our flat in London at a time when the London ‘buy to let’ market was cooling rapidly and we had to compete with a huge number of similar 2-bed flats for sale. We also had the challenge of selling a lower ground flat, which is generally not as popular. We liked their direct and honest opinion about the state of the market and their objective advice on a realistic price we were happy with. We were extremely impressed with Lucy and Michael’s approach to marketing, particularly as we had tenants in the flat. Lucy ‘dressed the flat to impress’ even adding her own cushions, candles, pictures and fresh flowers! Michael and Lucy used, their own professional photographer to produce stunning pictures which resulted in an impressive number of viewings. Within a relatively short time, we had an offer close to the asking price. Throughout the subsequent protracted and tedious contract negotiations, Michael exhibited great patience and good humour. We really believe that if Michael had not gone ‘over and above’ his brief by finding solutions to issues raised at the 11th hour by the buyer’s solicitor, the deal would not have gone through. Even our own solicitor said “Michael has been brilliant’.

We can’t recommend Lucy and Michael more highly. Don’t be swayed by the fact they are not part of the traditional and well-known chain of estate agents! They offer a refreshing, enthusiastic and highly successful approach to selling your property! Get in touch!

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